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Monday - Friday | 7:30am-5:30pm | Year-Round
Choose a schedule of 2-5 days per week, contingent upon classroom openings.
Toddler Program

Our toddler program is for children 18 months – 3 years old. When creating the classroom environment, Paper Crown Preschool has considered that toddlers take in everything around them. In the toddler classroom, students experience a warm and inviting setting that promotes exploration and intentional play.


Learning is a skill within itself. In order to acquire rules to a game, resolve a disagreement with a friend, or recall numbers, we need to have acquired prerequisite skills such as critical thinking, sequencing, and memory recall. Our toddler program focuses on developing these “learning to learn” skills.


Paper Crown teachers contrive learning opportunities for our toddlers by facilitating play that incorporates educational goals. Learning opportunities are presented naturalistically and without pressure. Toddlerhood is a time to develop a love of learning. Paper Crown teachers act as guides on each child’s individual journey, enhancing educational opportunities along the way.

Pre-Kindergarten Program

Our pre-kindergarten program is for children 3-5 years and is designed to build upon the learning-to-learn skills developed within our toddler program, while following curriculum goals developed by Tools of the Mind and The Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE).  Traditional academic goals are targeted within daily activities and progress towards "school readiness" is monitored through individualized student portfolios.


Preschoolers will continue to follow a daily routine that involves, music, chores, ample time outdoors, and creative play. Paper Crown teachers will facilitate learning opportunities for students while taking into account each student’s preferences and needs. Social skills, conflict resolution, and team skills are also addressed within the preschool classroom.


Paper Crown teachers communicate gently and respectfully with all students. Our teachers go through extensive behavior management training and are prepared to take any challenging situation and turn it into a meaningful learning opportunity. Educators also prevent challenging behavior by providing clear expectations, consistency, and routine within the classroom's daily activities.

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